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The Blow Your Mind Conference

September 3 and 10

Lisbon and Online

14:00 - 19:00

What is GambiConf?
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GambiConf is a unique tech conference that's gonna blow your mind! 🐒

It features projects and ideas that are definitely outside the box. Let's expand the boundaries of what's possible, unlocking unknown knowledge—just like we did in the 2021 edition when we learned how to build computers using only water and how to run DOOM on an oscilloscope !

This is a multilingual, not limited to a specific technology, conference. We try to focus more on the purpose of the presented projects, the unique nature of the sessions, and what one can learn from a random, very unusual, idea. We want to encourage people to try new ideas and discover new things, for the simple sake of curiosity and exploration.

Based on conferences like !!Con and SIGBOVIK, we organized the first edition of GambiConf last year in Brazil in Portuguese. Now, we want to bring the event to Portugal in English!

You can check our presentation post to find out more about our purpose.


September 3 / In-person day

Kill All Mutants! (Intro to Mutation Testing)

Would your tests all still pass if the tested code was changed? If so, you may have test gaps, ineffective code, or both! Mutation Testing reveals these cases. This talk will tell you all about it.

By Dave Aronson:

@DaveAronson is a software development consultant with 37 years of experience. He is the T. Rex of Codosaurus, LLC (his one-person company, which explains how he can get such a cool title) near Washington, DC, USA. In his spare time, he brews mead.

Writing a Game Boy compiler in Forth

Why read the manual if you can reverse-engineer a ROM instead? This talk shows how you can use Forth to learn about retro hardware with an incremental approach.

By @tijnosaurus:

Tijn is a software engineer at Reaktor. He mainly writes TypeScript during the day, and likes to tinker around with esoteric compilers after office hours.

Why are you making your own programming language?

I will be trying to convince you, that making a programming language is not a complete stupid idea and how to do that without hurting everyone.

By @TheEduardoRFS:

I like to describe myself as anti floating point, also I'm currently on the team Taylor Swift + programming languages.

More talks will be revealed weekly! Be the first to know by following us on Twitter!

September 10 / Online day

Reverse Engineering Satellite Communication

How I reverse engineered the GOES Satellite Protocol to receive a few images.

By Lucas Teske:

“I play, hack stuff, create and destroy stuff. Check it out to see live hacks! Or destroying my computer (it happens). I'm also the creator of OpenSatelliteProject and SegDSP!〞

Nyxt: The Internet on your terms

Nyxt browser has features that allow you to quickly analyze, navigate, and extract information from the web. Plus, Nyxt is fully hackable - all of its source code can be introspected, modified, and tweaked.

By Pierre Neidhardt:

Atlas is an independent software engineering firm based in Chicago and Paris. Our technological expertise is focused on Common Lisp. Pierre is a partner of Atlas Engineer.

Network Technocracy: A Tale of Monitoring, Spoofing, Intercepting and Social Engineering

Forced to use a SOHO router he was given no permission to manage, Rodrigo Laneth embarks on a journey to regain control over his personal network segment.

By @rlaneth:

Laneth dedicates most of his time to the projects of Miralium, his own micro-sized cybersecurity company. Likes anime, network protocols and typography. Likes flight simulators too, but is wary of actual flight. Dislikes developing web apps with React

Finding and creating gambiarras with python ASTs

Let's talk about how PyASTrX can find messy stuff in your codebase, then discuss a chaotic approach using metaprogramming with ASTs to create new behaviors in the sklearn pipelines

By @devmessias:

I'm passionate about how we can use computers and math to solve real and abstract problems. I've experience developing open-software projects and community management. Today I work at @idwall_co and pursuing my Ph.D. in graphs(ML) and survey analysis.

Building a serverless PHP Laravel application using Laravel Vapor

Codotto aims to be a platform for IT communities where they organize meetups. We'll cover how we built a serverless application that can handle millions of requests per minute

By Bruno Francisco:

My name is Bruno. I have worked 6 years as a Software Engineer in multiple companies and now I'm focusing on building solutions that are scalable and secure. Currently I'm interested in PHP (Laravel) and JS/TS (Vue)

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On the 3rd of September, the event is in person in Reaktor:

Largo do Duque de Cadaval 17
Lisbon, Portugal
See on Google Maps

On the 10th of September, the event is only online.

Free streaming for both days on YouTube

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